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Industrial Nanocoatings

Nano-Clear® NCI is the only industrial coating in the global marketplace to restore, enhance and extend the in-service life of "freshly painted" or "oxidized" painted surfaces by 10 years. Nano-Clear NCI provides extreme corrosion resistance, abrasion, chemical & UV resistance and reduced surface maintenance. Nano-Clear penetrates deep into the pores of freshly painted or highly oxidized paints and enhances color, improves gloss, increases surface hardness and extends UV resistance. Nano-Clear is a 1K humidity cured / highly cross-linked polyurethane hybrid nanocoating.  

Nano-Clear for Industrial Applications

Nano-Clear Coating Benefits:

- Restores, Enhances & Extends Surface Life

- Dramatically Improves Corrosion Resistance

- Reduces Surface Maintenance by 50%

- Convenient HVLP or Airless Spray Application


Global organizations have invested billions of dollars to protect valuable assets from corrosion, water damage, scratching, chipping, chemical attack and harmful UV rays. Many of these assets were painted using inferior materials not designed to withstand long-term weathering. Organizations have various options when these surfaces degrade from UV damage:

                             1.  Do nothing and allow the paint weathering cycle to continue (resulting in reduced corrosion, chemical and water resistance).

                             2.  Replace the existing paint system using the same inferior conventional systems (epoxy topcoat, polyurethane or latex paints).    

                             3.  Restore, enhance and extend the surface life of new or highly oxidized painted assets by 10 years using Nano-Clear®.

Painted Assets + Nano-Clear = 10 Year Performance Warranty


Restore, Enhance & Extend Surface Life by 10 Years

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Nano-Clear Customers: Toshiba, CASE, GATX, Dow Chemical, OSG, Royal, Carnival Cruise, Princimar Chemical Carriers, Holland America, Odebrecht Oil & Gas, Sterling Crane...